Product  Usage Instructions

Step 1: Add 10 ml of Wash to 1 Litre of Water in a Wash Bowl


Wash Bowl

1 Litre Water


Fruit & Veg Wash

Step 2: Soak the vegetables or fruits in the solution created in Step 1. Rub gently for about a minute or two

Vegatables Soaking in Solution from Step 1

Step 3: Use directly after soaking for 1-2 minutes

Eat Raw

Use in Salads

Use in Cooking

Unique Product Strengths & Benefits

Remove 90% pesticide &

chemical residue

Eliminates 99% pathogens

including certain viruses

Reduces Shrinkage

Tasteless & Odorless

Near Neutral Ph

Cleans within a few minutes

Increases Shelf Life

Causes no skin & eye irritation

Does not alter taste and smell of 

fruit and veg

Protects against

Microrganisms &

certain viruses

Dirt , Dust and Soil

Cross contamination

Chemical & Toxic Residue


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