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Terms and Conditions of Green Pyramid Wellness Program

Please read the following terms and conditions of the wellness program below.  You will need to agree to these in order to be accepted into the program.

The terms and conditions outlined herewith form the agreement between the Independent Green Pyramid Biotech Wellness Consultant ('Consultant') or 'You' and Green Pyramid Biotech (India) Pvt Ltd ('Company') or 'We'

'Program' refers to the Green Pyramid Wellness Program.

We the company reserve the right to modify and amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any updates or modifications will become affective from the moment they are published on this website. You will also be notified by email about the changes to the terms and conditions from time to time. It will be your responsibility to read and review these updates or modifications.



1.You will be registered as a Wellness consultant only after we have accepted your application and have made the initial purchase of the products of your choice.

2. During registration you will be required to provide your name, address details and phone number. We will also request you to produce an address proof.

3.You will be provided with a starter kit that includes documentation related to the program as well as information on getting you started. The kit will also include a sample product to help you with your demonstrations. The first sample will be free of cost, after which you will need to pay for subsequent samples.

4. Payment for your initial order will need to be made immediately at the time of purchase. You can choose to pay either in person by cash or via a payment link that will be provided to you.

5.You as an applicant should be at least 18 years of age to be a Wellness consultant.

6.The Company and you can at any time terminate your registration and membership as per termination terms listed below

7.This membership is personal to you and you cannot assign or transfer this membership to any other person. 

8.You will also be asked to agree to amended terms of conditions from time to time.

9. You will receive a certificate of registration for the duration of one year at the time of registration. You will need to renew this certificate every year

10. Upon registration you will be entitled to buy the Green Pyramid Biotech products as per the conditions of the wellness program.


1. The purpose  or the role of the Consultant is to promote and sell the products of the Company by regularly conducting meetups, sessions, online sessions, live demonstrations and word of mouth by using relevant marketing techniques and media such as but not limited to; Facebook Live, Whats App Videos, Instagram Live, Posts, Advertisements to Retail Outlets, Flyers, Product Presentation.

2. As an independent consultant to conduct the promotion with utmost and 100% honesty and integrity.

    In no way will the brand name be misused or misrepresented, or misconstrued in anyway. It will be the consultant's responsibility to      ensure that all prospective customers be presented with sufficient and accurate knowledge of the proposed products before          finalising the purchase procedure to the best of their knowledge.

3. Where applicable the consultant should demonstrate the product benefits with demonstrations and lab results to promote ultimate customer satisfaction. Customers should be presented with samples if requested.

4. Any customer queries or concerns to be resolved by the consultant to the best of their knowledge and by involving the appropriate member from the company.

5. To honour a refund/return from the customer if the customer has changed their mind and not used the product after purchase. It is the responsibility of the consultant to ensure that that the sold product is intact and  not tampered with in any way or that the seal is not broken.

6. To consistently maintain the best and highest standards of practise, and responsibility in all forms of communications with the prospective customers. To always represent the company in an honest and sincere manner and not hold the company responsible from damages that result due to failings  or misrepresentation by the the consultant.

7. To be personally responsible for all personal taxes such as income tax and other reports related to the activities as an independent wellness consultant.  As a consultant you will follow and abide by the relevant laws set by the tax authority of India.

8. The consultant is not a Green Pyramid Biotech Pvt Ltd, employee, joint venturer, partners, agent or franchisee.

You agree and understand that as a independent consultant you cannot apply for loans or incur any form of debt, obligation or liability on behalf of the company. You are not entitled to any fixed income or salary from the company. 


1.You will need to place your initial order by contacting our customer service centre, using the order form included in your starter pack. You will be sent an invoice confirming your initial order for which you will need to pay using the payment link provided.

2. An order has been placed once we have received the payment from you. 

3. You will not be able to change the order, once payment has been made.

4.  A confirmation of payment will be sent to you on your registered email address. If there are issues related to your payment, we will  contact you promptly. Products will not be dispatched unless payment is received in full.

5.  We cannot guarantee that all products will be available at the time of order,we will inform you of the same and no payment will be taken.


1. Except where notified, the prices of the products agreed with you represent the correct price at the time of sale. 

2. We reserve the right to to modify our prices without prior notification as appropriate.

3. Prices of products before your choose to buy from us will not form part of the contract agreed with you.

4. Prices agreed with you include logistics, delivery , shipping costs that you may need to incur.

5. Prices may be discounted when we run special promotions or offers. You will be notified about the same.

6. Payments will be made to us at the time of purchase using the payment link provided. 

7. Goods will only be dispatched to you once the payment has been authorised and cleared.

8. Payment must be made within 10 days of receiving the invoice.

9. We may provide you with further discounts depending upon your sales record.

10. For payment processing, we use several payment providers who may email you confirmation or relevant information related to the payment. For any queries about payments please contact

11. We only use authorised payment processors. You can be assured of secure and encrypted payment processing. We do not store any payment information or data with us.


1.We only deliver orders in mainland India.

2.You are responsible for providing us with the correct address to ensure correct delivery of products.

3.We are not responsible for any damages or mishaps to the  product caused during the delivery.

4.Nor will be expect any refund for the same. 

5.We are not liable for any delivery issues or delays to the order caused due to the delivery or logistics firm.

6.We are entitled to decline an order if we believe that you are in breach of our terms and conditions.

7.It is your responsibility to check the contents of the delivery and ensure that products are intact. You should contact the delivery

   firm in case of damage or tampering with the product.

8.We will provide you with the top most quality of products that are sealed to ensured quality.


1. You will be allowed to resign from the program and your membership at any time. 

2.  Upon resignation, you will be required to return all Company material given to you during registration.

3.  We will also accept and buy any unused, untampered, sealed products from your at an agreed price discussed during the resignation. The products will be bought back on the condition that they are sealed, untampered, marketable and that they are not opened in any way. We will not accept products that have expired.


1. The company will store, use and process(through automatic means ) your personal data when you register to the program

     through its brand partners, third party suppliers and service providers.

2.  We will keep all your personal data confidential and secure (except where we are required to share this information by law)

3.  You can at any time access and update your data at any time by contacting our customer service centre at   or contact us at +919529310419

4. Personal data that includes sensitive information will be retained for a period of 8 years in accordance with audit requirements.

5. After this period all sensitive data will be purged or deleted in accordance with law.


1.As agreed in the contract, Green Pyramid will continue to provide products subject to availability.

2.We will deliver the products to your address as updated during registration.

3.We are not liable for any shortage or stock unavailability of the product. However we will ensure that products are available at all          times.

4. When eligible for a reward, the company will contact and deliver the appropriate reward as per the tiered Rewards structure.


Green Pyramid guarantees the quality of their products. Products manufactured by us meet the highest standards of quality and we are confident that our customers will also find our products satisfactory in every way.

Our product guarantee does not apply to intentional tampering or misuse of our product in any way.


1. We will terminate your membership with immediate effect by notice under the following circumstances. The company also has the right to stop any payments or rewards due to you.

a.  If you breach any of the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

b.  if you have not placed any order after joining the program

c.  If you notify us that you are no longer interested in the program

d.  if you falsely sell, provide inaccurate or untrue information or communicate information that is defamatory to the brand and company.

e.  if you are unable to pay any debts or become bankrupt.

f.   if you falsify any information regarding the products.

g.  if you knowingly or unknowingly change the brand name or try to conceal the identity of the brand, amend the brand name or sell        the product under another brand name or title.

h.  If you provide incorrect or false information about yourself such as address proof, name or address details.

i.   if you misguide potential customers in any way or not provide products upon an agreed sale.

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