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Meet the Team


Dr Asmita Prabhune

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Dr. Asmita is the founder and director, responsible for providing technical, scientific and developmental insights from time to time setting up a strong foundation of Research and Development for the company

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Divya Sakundarwar

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Divya is an IIM Allumni and the CEO of Green Pyramid Biotech. She is experienced in national B2B sales, expanding in international market, launch of new products(diversification) and improving PnL for a startup in bio-tech innovation based product industry! 


Prajakta Marathe

Ms. Prajakta Marathe is a research professional with a master of Science in microbiology with experience in fermentation technology and formulation development. She carried out day-to-day overall operations of the company, which includes production, packing, quality control, maintenance & dispatch planning.


Aidan Campbell

Aidan is the Communications Manager and oversees social media, marketing and public relations. His interests include geography, graphic design and science. He is also a musician and writer and is experienced with selling products and services

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