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Green Pyramid Biotech (GPB) is an innovative company based on - Food, Agriculture and Bio-Technology, initiated by one of the premium research institutes, the National Chemical Laboratory (Pune) supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

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Located in Pune, we are here to promote steady and marked improvements

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Our products contribute to the food sector to provide residue free vegetables without change in taste, colour and odour. Our antimicrobial formulation reduces the spoilage of produce and increases shelf life.


  • Finest blend of nature's ingredients
  • Potent against certain viruses
  • Wash away toxins, pesticides, pathogens and micro-organisms
  • Harmless, potable organic solution
  • Suitable for pulses, grains, cereals and sprouts
  • Visually detectable and scientifically proven results
  • Approved by International Certification Boards and Authorities (NABL)


All this product does is, it mimics nature! This product is excessively used at home


Sophab Fruit and Veg Wash

Our products are authorised and certified by


Our products are accredited and recognised by



99% pathogens,pesticides

& chemical residue

Increases shelf life by 2X

& reduce shrinkage

Fast cleaning


Skin and eye friendly




''I saw the episode of pesticides form Satyamev Jayate.  The difference was an eye-opener for me. Lots of dirt, dust was removed. From grapes, wax has been removed completely and the taste was awesome''.

Mrs. Anita Ingle,Housewife

"I was always worried and fed up of listening to Pesticides in food and viral contamination with it day in day out. It is doing wonders in my kitchen. I am using this wash for a month now. Just loving it the way it washes,  rinses and sanitises all my veggies,  fruits and pulses far better than a five star hotel process! Feeling absolutely relieved and Safe now from hazardous pesticides, harmful chemicals, and as a surprise I don't use the fridge for my routine eatables as the shelf life has significantly doubled.
Thank so much Evergreen. 
I would be delighted if everybody uses it as an application in their homes as a religion".
Mr. Ajay Hangargekar,Audi


"Very effective to clean fruits, vegetables. No smell. Does not affect quality of fruits, veggies. Has no unnecessary chemicals. Easy, safe to use to disinfect and clean fruits, vegetables safely, remove any germs, pesticides, chemicals. Safe, affordable to use. Highly recommended to use for hygiene in these times".

Anu Khurana, Amazon


Incubation Center, NCL Innovation park, Dr. Homi Bhabha road, Pashan, Pune - 411008




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