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Organic, Non Alcoholic and No Chemicals

From Farm to Table

See how are food changes right from when the seeds are planted

Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides such atrazine, glyphosate, 1,3-D, paraquat and neonicotinoids are part of the farming processes. These are sprayed incessantly on vegetable and fruit crops.


Vegetable and Fruit markets add another level or pollutants, dust and pathogens to the produce. Excessive Handling, Pollution in the environment, degrades the quality of our food significantly

Large Fruit and Veg Processing Plants and any additional processing may further fungicides, waxes and other processing chemicals


You are what you eat

Just a few of the many hazards of pesticide consumption

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You can eat clean and stay healthy

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Sophab is different and better !

Backed by 25 years of scientific research. Backed by national government bodies.

Certified and proven results

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Non sticky, Non Oily

Retains Flavour and Texture of fruit and veg


Removes insecticides,herbicides,

pesticides, and chemicals


Removes Pathogens,Soil and Dust


Sophab has antiviral properties


No need to rewash

Saves Water

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Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers think of us.

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Vegetable Shopping

''I saw the episode of pesticides form Satyamev Jayate.  The difference was an eye-opener for me. Lots of dirt, dust was removed. From grapes, wax has been removed completely and the taste was awesome''.

Mrs. Anita Ingle,Housewife

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