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What is the Green Pyramid Wellness Consultant Program?

Bean Pod
Bean Pod

'The first wealth is our health' Ralph Waldo Emerson

A core principle on which Green Pyramid was formed.

We believe in empowering our customers to spread the knowledge of health and wellness 

Are you passionate about living a healthy and wholesome life? Do you believe in eating clean and healthy? Do you enjoy a healthy lifestyle? If you have answered yes then you are totally in the right place. Welcome to Green Pyramid Wellness program, where you will not only learn about health promoting revolutionary products, but also earn amazing incentives.

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Be Your Own Boss and Set your Own Hours

We believe that you are empowered to be your own boss. 

Have you ever thought of earning extra money? How about a better work/life balance. Do you feel that you need more family time ?

Welcome to the Green Pyramid Wellness Consultant Program. We are here to help you achieve your dreams. And the good news is that there is no limit on what you can earn. Be a full time wellness consultant or do this as your side job. It is totally up to you. As a Boss you set your working hours and decide the effort you want to put into the program.  Any one is free to join this program. All we ask is a great attitude, good with customers and passionate about health.


Earn extra income. No limits !

Have you ever felt that your current income is not enough.  Maybe you need some additional income to save for a vacation, fund your our child's studies, invest in some home improvements or simply treat yourself.

Well now that is exactly what you can achieve. Our rewards and incentive structure means that you can earn a nice pot of income. We do not charge you any start-up fee.

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Happy Family

Spend more time with your family. The real deal  is the freedom you have to spend quality time with your family. After all where would we be without our near and dear loved ones. Now you don't have to worry about spending long hours away from them. You can manage your work around family time. A Win Win situation for all.


Learn new skills and Live Healthy

Learn about new products, healthy way of living and upgrade your skills.

It is our aim to also develop your skills. We will support you all the way with training and skills development programs. We will provide you with the best training content that you can apply to the program.  

Get that Work Life Balance

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Earn amazing rewards


Our program is a rewarding home business for people like you. Share these amazing health products with your friends and family.

Earn money at the same time with amazing rewards and commission structures that benefit you. In addition we also have fabulous awards for our best performers.

Grow with us, spread the word and Live a Healthy Life at the same time.

So what do you think ? If you are passionate about health and wellness,like to live a healthy lifestyle and share with friends, you are in the right place.

Make extra income by promoting our products. We will provide you with the training material to help you to achieve your sales. Our products are tested and proved with approvals from leading institutes in the country. You can make money at your own pace and in your own home.  Sign up and start your membership with 

us by registering below. 

'PLEASE note that this is not a job offer or employment and you will not be deemed as an employee, partner or joint venturer of the company.

Talk to us for more information.

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