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Why Wash Vegetables and Fruits

Here are the Facts:

  • Appx. 78 million food borne illnesses are reported each year

  • Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea

  • Appx. 5,000 deaths occur each year

  • Up to 20 sets of hands touch our food before it even arrives at the supermarket

  • Less than 1/10th of 1% fruits and vegetables are tested for food safety and pesticide level.

  • Most of our fruits and vegetables are waxed carnauba and other petroleum based waxes are mixed with fungicides, chemicals.


Some of the studies show that pesticide can cause health problems such as kidney damage, cancer, nerve damage, ADHD in kids Alzheimer’s Birth Defects, Breast Cancer, Depression, Fertility Issues, Immune disorders, Low IQ in kids, Respiratory problems and many other diseases. Farmers tendency to spray banned pesticides on vegetables poses grave health risks to consumers.

How your daily life is coated in chemicals

Cypermethrin, heptachlor, quinalphos, aldrin, chlorodane, dichlorvas, cypermethrin — these banned pesticides could well be a part of your regular diet. Okras, leafy green cabbages and other vegetables, bananas or oranges and apples that you so relish may be overloaded with some of these harmful pesticides.

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Wastage due to Storage

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The root cause of all major diseases is the contaminated or unhygienic food that you eat

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