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"The liquid sample you gave was used as 1:100 proportion. We used it for cherry tomatoes, avocado, zucchini. 
The cherry tomatoes shelf life was increased from 3 days to 5 days.  After the softening started, no fungus attack was observed. It was stored in open and kept for drying under the fan in room temperature.
Zucchini is generally on for 3-4 days. But with the solution was ok for 5-6 days, it 
was stored in a refrigerator at 15 DC.
after-ripen was ready to eat condition, generally, last for half day without a refrigerator, it was OK for 2 days without a refrigerator.  After which the skin was still OK. When cut open inside pulp started getting brown (from light green to brown to black).
We are hopeful that this will definitely is a great value to farmers, and resellers to reduce the unsold wastage and get more time to sale
The drying is a pain after the bulk treatment and will try an easier process for same."


Earth Alliance corporation

​​Mob: 9325206907

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The first wealth is health" 

"I’ve been using the Evergreen vegetable and fruit wash since a few months. Earlier, I was knowing about the pesticide issue, but did not take it seriously. After meeting and knowing about the product more in detail and why one needs to use this product, I started using the product. I could see a color change in the water after soaking the vegetables and fruits in the Evergreen solution. I saw a change in the taste of the fruits also. It started tasting much better. I suggest each and everyone

who cares for their family members to start using this amazing product. Thank you so much for inventing this product which will benefit society in such a big way. An amazing step taken towards a healthy India". 


Mutraza Bootwala

The Food Story

Mob: 7875800555

"Evergreen insta veg and fruit wash is a kind of new tool to fight with unhealthy chemicals pesticides and all kind of microbs. As it is very easy  to use and economic it must be on every kitchen floor. As we all are aware of harmful effects of pesticides there must be routine practice to use this product. When i used this product personally on leafy vegetable i found all the odour of the sulphate has vanished. The taste of the vegetables is improved. Also when using this product with fruits it has become very easy to store for long periods with all its healthy nutrients. So i recommend every woman to use this product to improve the quality of  our life and give a better future to our kids".


Nishi Palandurkar



"I was always worried and fed up of listening to

Pesticides in food and viral contamination with it day in day out.

Pretty revealed to know about the Evergreen.,

Instantly grabbed it from the Green Pyramid's event at the trade fair.

It is doing wonders in my kitchen. 

I  am using this wash for a month now.

 Just loving it the way it washes,  rinses and sanitizes all my veggies,  fruits and pulses far better than a five star hotel process!

Feeling absolutely relieved and Safe now from hazardous pesticides, harmful chemicals, 

and as a surprise I don't use the fridge for my routine eatables as the shelf life has significantly doubled.

Thank so much Evergreen. 

I would be delighted if everybody uses it as an application in their homes as a religion".


Ajay Hangargekar


Mob: 8408943918

"It is one of the best organic product I ever seen and used. I am using it from last 5 month. I will definitely suggest my friends and relatives used this product atlest one time and see the results. Used it for our good, healthy and diseases free future".


Chaitanya Deshpande

CCRI, Nagpur


"I have been using EVERGREEN INSTA VEG & FRUIT WASH (manufactured by GREEN PYRAMID PVT LTD, PUNE) from past 20 days and I have found it very much helpful for cleaning fruits and vegetables. This product is exactly what I was looking for!! 

body through food consumption. Especially removal of wax on apple and cleaning of grapes become humanThis product is essential one as almost all the fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides during farming and ultimately enter in sooo fascinating to observe!! The product’s name totally suits to itself as it removes the dirt instantly. Most importantly it retains the original taste of fruits and vegetables after washing with this product!!very

to Green Pyramid Pvt. Ltd. Pune for launching such an important product!!! I wish all the best to Green Pyramid and It is very easy to use!! I have liked this product very much and would recommend it to EVERYONE for a healthy pesticide-free life. Thanks a a healthy life to everyone!!"lotttt



Asavari A. Joshi

M.E (Part-II) Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Dept. of Biotechnology Engineering

Mob: 09421197951

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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